Why Romania?

A favorite European location for outsourcing and technology companies, Romania is rapidly turning into a leader in outsourced product development and R&D, mostly in what concerns chip design, information security, call centers and embedded software.

A large number of reasons recommend Romania as the perfect destination for outsourcing development. With over 23 million people, and having one of the fastest growing domestic economies in Europe, Romania is the fifth largest country on the continent. Many innovative and highly skilled workers, focused on creating custom software, are prepared to prove their qualities to any national or international company.

Another reason for starting your business in Romania is represented by the relatively low wages and costs. This is why you should definitely come to Romania for outsourcing development.

Facts about Romania

The official name of the country is Romania. It is a republic and its national holiday is the 1st of December, celebrating Romania’s union with Transylvania.
Official language: Over 89% of the country’s population speaks Romanian, the country’s official language. Yet, a large number of Romanians speak English and French also.
Official time: Romania is located in the Eastern Europe time zone (GMT+ 2 hours). The Daylight Saving Time lasts from the end of March to the end of October (GMT+ 3 hours).
The country’s currency is called Leu.

Geographical position: Located in southeastern Europe, Romania has a population of over 23 million people and an area of 237,750 sq. km. Romania’s neighbors are Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldavia.
The Carpathian Mountains, located at the center of the country, cover one third of its surface. High hills surround the majestic mountains covering another third of the country. The other third is represented by fertile plains. Large forests cover over 25% of the country and house one of the richest faunas in Europe. Visit Romania and you might just come across a chamois, deer, lynx, bears and wolves. The Danube River flows into the Black sea through three estuaries.

The economical potential: The Romanian economy is now going through a process of restructuring, the country’s workforce is highly skilled, and there are a large number of foreign trade stimulation programs and programs for natural resources exploitation.

Industry: In Romania there are over 35,000 companies contributing with 35% to the Gross Domestic Product. About 80% of the employees work in only 1,300 companies.

Agriculture: 62% of Romania’s surface (9.5 million ha) is cultivated. On about 6000,000 ha there are vineyards, 4.6 million ha are pastures and over 3 million ha of cultivated land are irrigated.

Transport: Linking the North to the South, the East to the West of Europe, and the European continent to the Middle East, Romania offers national and international flights, an important naval transportation route on the Danube River, over 72.000 km of roads and a large system of railway lines.

Romanian Tourism: The perfect choice for an unforgettable vacation, Romania is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We offer mountain and seaside holidays, therapeutic cures, cultural tours in historical areas and all the benefits of natural tourism.
In a process of reorganizing its tourism, Romania now wishes to attract foreign companies interested in investing in the hotels’ and restaurants’ infrastructure.
This vacation, we invite you to make Romania your home.

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